Building Equity


It can be tough to know where to put your money for a return on investment. Many people look for an investment that is very low risk, but often low risk only offer slight payback on your investment. However, high risk high return investments can leave you with no return on a very big investment. Real estate is usually a good place to invest. One of the best places to invest is in your very own home. You home is building equity with each month that you pay on it. Equity is simply the difference between what the home appraises for and what is owed on the property. Here are a few simple ways to really start building equity in your home.

Pay Extra Each Month

If you start paying a little bit extra each month on your mortgage you are going to be doing yourself two very significant favors. The first is you will not be paying as much interest on your home. That means that more of your money is going to be going straight to the principle of your home. The second thing that you are going to be doing is lessening the total amount owed on the home. This means that if your home is worth $200,000 and you have paid off $150,000 of the loan, if you were to sell the home you would have a nice little chunk of equity built from paying so much off of your home.


Another way that you can really start to build equity in your home is to update your home. If you have a home that does not have central air, you should have central air installed in your home, and when the home is appraised, the total value of your home will increase. A remodeled kitchen, remodeled bathrooms, updated windows, flooring, and many other updates can really bring the value of your home up. The more your home is worth, the more you can sell it for.


Most people really want to make money, and increasing property value is one of the best places to make money. The area that your home is in also has a very big impact on the value of your home. Throwing a block party where everyone in the neighborhood fixes up their yard and makes the neighborhood more pleasant can significantly increase the value of your home, but also the home of everyone in the neighborhood. 


23 July 2017

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