Should You Risk Your Cash Paying Bail Or Hire A Bail Bondsman?


A great debate that has come up in some discussions is whether or not you should risk your cash paying bail or if you should hire a bondsman. The choice you make will depend on your disposable income. If you have a sizeable disposal income, then risking your cash to post bail may be of no grave consequence for you. That is why the option you choose for bail bonds would depend on what you can afford.


People have argued that paying cash for bail is a better option when you are trying to avoid having debt on your record. Some bondsmen offer payment plans (with an interest rate of course), to people who cannot afford to pay 10% of the bail amount. If you choose this option, a payment plan will be set up and you will be paying the principal and its interest. If you are interested in maintaining a certain debt ratio, then paying in cash may be the best option for you rather than incurring debt.


Others say that using cash to pay for bail bonds is a terrible idea unless you have a lot of it. For the working class, using your savings may be hard to come by and hard to let go of, especially if you were saving up towards something special. What if you used your savings and something urgent (life and death) that required you to use your savings came up? What then? You may think of taking a bank loan, but then you place yourself in debt when it would have been way easier to accept a payment plan from a bail bondsman and have your loved one pay the installments.


If you hire a bail bond service, they would do all in their power to ensure that the bond is guaranteed. They are going to ensure that the defendant shows up in court, and if not, the bondsman will hire a bounty hunter. If you pay cash for bail, you will never get your money back if your person of interest decides not to show up for court. You may also not know how to contact a bounty hunter or even how to determine if a bounty hunter is successful or not. So, rather than risk your cash on bail bonds, hire a professional to do it. Chances are that if your loved one misses an appearance, your bondsman will be more experienced in handling the situation. 

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27 December 2017

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