Scheduled Your First Meeting With A Financial Planner? What Questions You Should Be Prepared To Answer


A financial planner can help you manage your money and achieve your dreams in the future. They can help you determine how much money you will need to live and how much you need to set aside for things like retirement and college funds for kids. They can then manage your various funds, helping to ensure they are earning you interest. If you are looking to hire a financial planner, you will want to sit down and talk to a few to find the right one.

25 May 2017

3 Things To Know Before Filing A Consumer Proposal


Before choosing any type of debt settlement, it's important to research all your options. By doing this, you will learn the pros and cons of each, and this may help you select the option best for you. One method you might consider using is a consumer proposal, which is a debt settlement plan. This plan offers a way to satisfy your debts by paying less than you owe, but here are three things you should realize before you use a consumer proposal.

10 June 2015

2 Easy Ways For Your Small Business To Get Cash Quickly


If you are seeing good results from the new business you recently started, you probably have good products or services that people want and need. The trouble with a new business is that it may take a while to make a profit. In the meantime, you might barely be getting by, and you may experience cash flow problems. During times of negative cash flow, you might need to find a way to borrow some money.

22 May 2015